The Psychology Of Exchanging Gifts

The Psychology Of Exchanging Gifts

According to French anthropologist Marcel Mauss, gift-giving carries many legal, moral, economical and spiritual aspects, and is significant for the whole social fabric. Many ancient cultures follow the intricate rules of gift exchange, which is not a voluntary act, but rather a comprehensive set of rules based on obligation and formality.

If a person does not take part in this obligatory ritual, he or she risks losing respect, moral authority and even wealth.

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The Gift protocol is a non-voluntary strategy to affirm and strengthen the moral bonds of society.

It is a competitive, formal game that diminishes the pure value of gifts and makes it into a set of rules.

  1. Gift-giving is a moral act, with social consequences if done incorrectly. If one signals that he or she is not doing the ‘presents’ thing, the person is then banished from this formality.
  2. Receiving shoddy gifts with a warm 'thank you' is a part of the ritual based on pretentiousness and social deception.
  3. Wrapping and personalization of gifts matter, that is why cheques or vouchers feel cold.

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Why Holidays Feel Special
  • Holidays are filled with family get-togethers, rituals and many things that make us smile.
  • This period is bursting with sensory treats: great food, beautiful colors and lights, sounds of bells, crackers, or whistles, and the warmth of loved ones.
  • Family rituals are valuable, offering a large number of psychological benefits, like reconnecting with our loved ones, and a break from routine.
  • We let go of our anxiety and uncertainty and recite blessings, raise a glass of toast and perform increasingly meaningful rituals.
Christmas Gifting To Children: The Tradition

Every year, many families across the world celebrate Christmas and have a tradition of giving children with special Christmas gifts.

Critics have decried the commercialization of the Christmas season for long, although the tradition of buying gifts for children and young adults precedes the corporate marketing efforts that have largely hijacked the true spirit of the festive season.

Remember what’s essential about holidays
Do you care deeply about your religion? Do you care most about spending time with your loved ones? Maybe certain traditions matter tremendously to you. Maybe you love the feeling of giving (of which, more below). Get clear on this, and the rest gets much easier

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