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Agile leadership

Agile leadership

Focuses on fast decision making, short-term goals, and the empowerment of individuals

And it has expanded to include general leadership skills like acting on a shared vision, leading change, and sharing decision-making.


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Urban dweller. Passionate about leadership and management.

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De-escalate Office Tension

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How to create a positive work environment

Conflict resolution strategies

Effective communication in the workplace

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We all worry about our own productivity, but fail to see that it is interconnected with other colleagues, peers, bosses and subordinates, which are sharing the same ecosystem and goals.

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Every team has rules, but few are intentionally crafted. This could have a negative impact. For example:

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System? Or Goal?

System? Or Goal?

Study - Get a job ❌⚠️

4 Domains:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Spirit
  4. Business

Than, you have to ask yourself and write it down... Next 10y, 5y, 1y, 1w.

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