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The secret to accomplish new year's resolutions

We often tend to make big, large and intimitading new year's resolutions. In this way we lose motivation as days passed.

The secret is to make small and reacheable goals that can help us achieve those big and intimitading resolutions:

Something that you can actually do everyday with no so much effort.



Wendi Weiner reccomends to choose one new skill to improve during this new year. 

If you want to improve some areas of your life, take online courses ( like on Coursera or Udemy).

“The key is to do something that will benefit your career or life through ongoing personal and professional development.”


Not everybody find journaling easy. The trick is to limit the time you write and find out the best way that works for you. 

You can write for 5 minutes a day in a journal or in you phone's notes section, it's up to you. 

Yvonne Thomas says:

"Writing can help frame your daily outlook to be more positive because you do not just see what’s wrong or missing in your life; rather, you are consciously recognizing what you have that you appreciate and feeling good about those things.”



Try to find everyday 3 minutes to sit, breath and relax. "The goal is to create a practice rather than an intention" says Stensby.

Don't start with a 30 minute a day meditation because you will lose interest and motivation. Instead meditate for just 3 minutes, it will be easier and it will become quickly an habit.  


Julia Mercier says that is important to reflect on what we lived through and accomplished during the last year. 

so take a pause and reflect about your 2020 before looking ahead, so we can create future-focused resolutions 


write down anything from the previous year that felt burdensome or distressing, including ideas, ways of thinking, habits, beliefs about yourself, or views about the world. Then, safely, create a fire and burn what you've wrote.

This is a symbolic way to make space for the new year and to start with an improved mindset.


Decide your year's theme. ( What area of your life do you want to improve?) For example if it is your health you can say yourself these questions:

  • What would I need to do, be, and have in order to have more well-being in my experience?
  • Will this decision make me healthier and happier—or not?


Psychologist Julie Kolzet recommend to create an happy and sad list. She says that in this way we take time to consider about what really matters to us.

"We see the creation or formulation of a resolution as a process, and one that requires us to do some self-reflection. This is more a problem-solving approach to New Year’s resolutions.”


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Setting goals for a new year
  • Setting goals is a motivational technique, and when done correctly, it can be effective to help you solve a particular problem.
  • We all have an idea about the importance of setting goals, but there is a science behind setting goals and executing them.
  • Most New Year’s resolutions will be broken. Many people dread planning any New Year’s resolutions only to fail at them and then feel guilty.


Keep your resolutions manageable

One of the most important things when planning your new year is not trying to change too many things at once.

Focus on achieving one change that can then be turned into a habit, because once something is a habit you are likely to do it every day.


Exercise was not necessary until the mid-20th century

Most people didn't see exercise as necessary until the mid-20th century. Food scarcity meant people didn't overeat, and it didn't make sense to try to burn off the calories.

However, industrialization changed the nature of work and food production. Fewer farmers were doing physical labour, and more people were doing office desk jobs. The growth of automobile culture, the suburban sprawl, and the popularity of television, all led to a more sedentary lifestyle.