Working from bed

Working from bed

We know that we're not supposed to have devices in the bedroom and that a good posture is easier at a desk. Yet, up to 40% of people who work from home during lockdown have worked from their bed at some point.

The practice may spark creativity and productivity. Samual Johnson, Florence Nightingale and William Wordsworth all worked from bed. Contemporary writers do too. And if you want to work from bed, there are some things to note.

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Time Management


  • Consider a tray table or laptop stand. It's important to keep your laptop at eye height to avoid any strain on your neck.
  • Don't use your tray table for drinks and snacks. Instead, use your bedside table or a small side table.
  • Keep a basket by the bed. This is where you keep chargers, pens, notepads, and biscuits.
  • Get new, firm pillows or cushions. Ensure your lower back is fully supported by using pillows and sitting up against your headboard.
  • Try to change the position you work in and stretch reasonably frequently.
  • Ensure you have a good power supply and wifi that reach the bedroom.

Consider getting washed and dressed before going back to bed to work. A clean and relatively tidy bedroom will be a more pleasant workplace.

A lovely neutral duvet cover works best as patterned linen can be distracting and busy. A throw or rug that you use when you work will help create a boundary.

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Longing For The Office Culture
  • Earlier a privilege for a few, work from home became a norm for most office-goers due to the ongoing pandemic and is likely to remain for the rest of the year.
  • The shift towards work from home, which became necessary for most companies, was thought to be blissful in the minds of employees, while the bosses viewed it with suspicion.
  • Employees are slowly finding out that it is lonely sitting in front of the screen at home and are missing the office culture, the sharing of ideas and socializing with fellow employees.



Working From Home

Working from home means that all the chaos of your home (pets, family members, kids, and kitchen noises) is part of your entire workday.

Self-Discipline, concentration and work ethic are needed to successfully navigate this process.

Work hours are up! It's time to get some relaxation going and it's harder to relax with constant buzzing from your work e-mail and it's extremely tempting to check them.

Practice "Out of sight, out of mind."

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