7. Forecasting the environment - Deepstash
7. Forecasting the environment

7. Forecasting the environment

Forecasting is what we must do after acknowledging the environment's power over us. It comprises three interconnected stages: anticipation, avoidance and adjustment.


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A fighter pilot must be able to make quick decision during critical situation by evaluating options, calculate its rough probability and approximate the expected value of each decision. This is an ability called fast-forecasting.

Fast-forecasting allows us to create rough solutions that mak...

(ix) Editor’s Introduction

"In teaching about the three stages of the path, Trungpa Rinpoche presented each stage as having its own integrity and power, and taught his students to see each stage as complete in its own right. He especially cautioned students not to denigrate the hinayana or skip the mahayana in favor of wha...

We Can Influence Our Environment

We may not have control over most of the factors of our environment, but the more we understand ourselves, getting aware of our personal power and learning the required life lessons to humble us, the more capable we get at influencing our own environment.

Some factors will stay the same no...

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