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9. Improves Concentration

By increasing the oxygen supply to the brain, pranayama not only calms it but also makes it free of anxiety. It enables you to take charge of your thoughts. Thoughts no more control you, rather you become the master of your mind. As it nullifies the distractions, your concentration increases manifold .


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8. Pranayama Helps In Detoxification

8. Pranayama Helps In Detoxification

Yogic exercises along with pranayama cleanse the body as well as mind. The process of exhalation not only concerned with breathing out the air but also, along with it, waste from the body. This is the body’s natural phenomenon to throw the poisons out of our system and make the body function prop...


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Pranayama is about breathing science and having control over breathing brings many physical & mental benefits. Controlled breathing by pranayama techniques lets you hold the horses of your mind, you keep calm, become able to think wisely, and make the correct decisions. It eventually...


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Physical Benefits of Pranayama

In many pieces of researches , pranayama’s effects on the physical body have been evaluated before and after the practice (yogic intervention) & results came out, is the following.


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4. Pranayama Takes Care of The Lungs

4. Pranayama Takes Care of The Lungs

Pranayama trains you to improve your expiratory power to enhance the airflow by decreasing resistance to the lungs. Simply pranayama practice is the best exercise for the human respiratory system.

It trains you to voluntarily keep a hold over your breath which in turn maintains...


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7. Pranayama Boost Immunity

7. Pranayama Boost Immunity

Stress has a deteriorating effect on the immune system of the body. By inhibiting the stress-response, pranayama has shown enhancement in the function of the immune system.

Deep breathing exercises which focus on the abdomen with breath retention or kumbhaka , improves the defense ...


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3. Pranayama Improves Digestion

3. Pranayama Improves Digestion

By stimulating the brain activity, pranayama monitors the digestion and improves that too.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are nowadays very common digestive disorders accompanied by gastritis and acidity . IBS and IBD are the diseases wh...


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<p>Diseases like <strong>diarr...

Diseases like diarrhea and hyperacidity  can also be caused by stress and anxiety by affecting the gut-brain axis. Pranayama helps to calm the mind and provide relief from anxiety which in turn reduces these digestive issues.

A consistent practice of Yogic ...


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5. Good For Nasal Passages & Sinuses

5. Good For Nasal Passages & Sinuses

Pranayama like alternate nostril breathing (anulom vilom ) helps to clear the blockages in the nasal cavity. The regular practice of pranayama helps the nostrils to become free of allergies and enhance the filtering capacity towards the foreign element which cau...


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6. Improves Cardiovascular Health

6. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Pranayama plays an important role in modifying the heart rate by stimulating cells of the body. It also increases oxygen intake.

Sukha Pranayama & Pranava Pranayama improve the circulation to the heart, decrease the heart rate and improves blood pressure.


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10. Helps to Treat Sleep Disorder

10. Helps to Treat Sleep Disorder

Yogic breathing works as a panacea for people suffering from insomnia. Along with insomnia, other sleep disorders are caused because of anxiety and depression of a person.

The people with insomnia and other sleep-related disorder, if start performing the routine yogic breathing along ...


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12. Increases Gray Matter Of Brain

12. Increases Gray Matter Of Brain

Gray matter is the component of the brain that consists of cells of the nervous system. It starts diminishes in older people and one of the main cause of it is memory loss with time.


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1. Pranayama Helps in Weight Loss

1. Pranayama Helps in Weight Loss

Belly fat is considered quite tough to lose and is the prime concern for many youngsters.

When you modify the technique of breathing and focus on certain parts of the body, energy is released along with increased sweating. This process burns calories as well as fat.



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2. Pranayama is Good For Skin Health

2. Pranayama is Good For Skin Health

Pranayama also comprises of the practice of holding the breath for a certain period of time (Kumbhaka or breath retention). When we hold the breath inside the body, it supplies oxygen to skin cells .

The Yogic breathing technique like Bhramari Pranayam...


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<p>Bhramari pranayama with sha...

Bhramari pranayama with shanmukhi mudra & chin lock is especially beneficial to supply ample oxygen to body cells, thus it glows the skin.

These breathing techniques increase the supply of oxygen which increases the blood thrush and improves the appearance of skin


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<p><span>Prana or breath </spa...

Prana or breath can only flow freely if there is no or very little unwanted stuff in the system. So with consistent and guided practice of breathing modification, the toxins of the body are removed.

By detoxifying, pranayama helps to achieve the pure, happy and tranquil s...


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Benefits of Pranayama for Brain

Benefits of Pranayama for Brain

The process of breathing creates a link between the physical body and the mind. The effects of yogic breathing techniques are quite different from the usual breathing, as it stimulates the unconscious mind also.

Pranayama in itself comes under physical activity but its effect is beyond phys...


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13. Makes Mind Well Oriented

13. Makes Mind Well Oriented

Pranayama is helpful to bring focus into the mainstream. The most common reason for failure or delay in the desired outcome, whether it is related to studies or work, is a distraction.

When your energy is not centralised and mind clutter with negativity and doubt, it becomes difficult to re...


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14. Effective For Brain Disorders

14. Effective For Brain Disorders

Pranayama helps to release the toxins not only from blood but also enhances the filtering capacity of the brain. It increases the passage of nanoparticles to the brain through the Blood-Brain Barrier and also filters the unwanted toxic materials which you often inhale in the polluted...


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Pranayama is about breathing science and having control over breathing brings many physical & mental benefits. Controlled breathing by pranayama techniques lets you hold the horses of your mind, you keep calm, become able to think wisely, and make the correct decisions. It eventually...

The ability to face distractions

Solitude can initially make you squirm but later becomes a bedrock for intense concentration and creativity. Deflect distractions and use solitude to your advantage:

  • Listen to the sounds of nature. It calms the storm of thoughts and allows you to focus on the task at...

Meditation increases self-control

Meditation increases self-control

Meditation can train your brain for better self-control. Meditation increases your attention, focus, stress management, impulse control, and self-awareness.

When we practice a certain behavior, we strengthen the neural connections for that behavior, making it more accessib...


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