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It is not what you do/don’t do. It’s what you plan and the results that impact your mood at the end of the day.

If you plan ten things to do and realize only six, you will feel bad most of the time. If you plan three crucial things to do and you do five in the end, you feel great. Your feelings are not objective.

Your mood varies with your interpretation and not the reality of your day.


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  1. If you can discipline yourself to do the things you need to do whether you feel like it or not, your success is virtually guaranteed.
  2. A warrior is not a person with a gun, but a person who can manage their own mind.
  3. Mental Toughness is

Develop a plan

Develop a plan

Identify what’s making you feel discouraged. Try to be specific. 

And once that is done, make a plan. Write out what you can do to turn around your bad mood.

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Your Life Is A Firefly Blink In A Night

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