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Study Less Study Smart

  1. Break your study time down in to chunks such as 30 minutes and then take a 5 minute break to keep your brain fresh and awake as you are studying.
  2. Teach what you learn to others. This is one of the big values from study groups.
  3. Know the difference between recollection and recognition. Recognition is when you are studying and you turn the page and read something and you think, ‘I know that.’ But what is really going on is that you recognize it.
  4. Use specific locations for studying. Have a study chair and a study desk so you know when you are sitting there you need to be studying.
  5. Don’t listen to music when you are studying especially if it has lyrics.
  6. Understand the difference between concepts and facts. The goal of learning is understanding. It is important to learn and remember facts but make your goal understanding concepts not learning facts.
  7. To remember more of what you learn in class you should take notes. Take enough notes to trigger your brain after class but don’t take so many notes that you can’t focus during Class.
  8. Getting enough sleep is key to remembering more of what you study.
  9. Test your memory by writing what you can recall without looking at your notes.
  10. The Survey, Question, read, recite and review method is when you survey or look over what you are going to learn and then develop questions that focus your brain.
  11. Use memory training techniques to study less study smart! When you use memory techniques such as the mind palace or the memory palace you are really going to remember more of what you studied.


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