What has it brought to my life?

What has it brought to my life?


  • Not being injured in any competition despite a high workload training to prepare for marathons.
  • Eat healthier
  • Go to bed early and appreciate it. That’s when I can read.


  • Reading more thanks to my habit of going to bed early.
  • Reflect every day by writing. It’s like having a personal coach next to me daily. 
  • Gain clarity and focus on my goals.
  • I learn something every day.
  • Launching this blog (creating content in the morning)
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Self Improvement



What’s my actual personal routine?
  • Brush my teeth.
  • Drink water.
  • Drink a squeezed fresh lemon.
  • Take some time to pause ( breathing, gratitude thoughts, reviewing my main goals mentally as if watching a movie).
  • Prepare and drink my earl grey tea.
  • Journaling.
  • Learning focus. This year I’m finishing a one year focus on german.
  • 7 minutes work out using the 7MWC apps.
  • A quick shower, starting with warm water and ending it cold.
When to do your routine?

I believe strongly it is best to do so in the morning:

100% responsible: Before the day starts, you are in control. It’s a great feeling of achievement.

No matter what happens during the day, and we know that a lot could happen, you did it.

Every day you start with more self-esteem, more confidence. You’re ready to tackle the challenges you face.

3 reasons to implement a routine
  • Consistency: Consistency is the best friend of anyone who wants to do something.
  • Health: You sleep better, eat healthier, and you move more.
  • Time for you: Routines provide you with the personal time you’re searching for

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Having no routine or structure is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally than any routine could ever be.

Copying successful people

Putting highly successful people on a pedestal can unknowingly hinder our own efforts. We get caught in comparisons and it’s easy to forget that they’ve had and still have their own set of struggles and challenges on their path.

Use highly successful people as inspiration, not idols.

The Monk Mode Morning

Several accomplished people have adopted the Monk Mode Morning Routine: Not doing anything from the time of waking till noon, just focusing on deep, meaningful work on something valuable.

This means:

  1. No meetings or calls.
  2. No texts, emails or Slack.
  3. No internet(social media or news reading).
  4. No TV.

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