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Key, overarching idea of the book:

Our brain is 'driven' by 2 different parts: System 1 & System 2. 

System 1 can assess a situation and choose a response very quickly. It controls most of what we do, and is like the line-workers and middle management of our body & brain.

System 2 is slower, more deliberate, and -- most crucially -- it's very lazy. It rarely engages unless it has to.


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Two Systems

Two Systems

The human brain is controlled by two separate systems:

  • System 1 - Very fast, it works on intuition and evolves as we encounter common situations;
  • System 2 - Slower. We tend to avoid using it too much, but it is mandatory for complex problems...

The two-system theory

There are two thinking systems, each with distinct characteristics.

  • System 1, or intuition. We think in this way most of the time. We respond to the world in ways that we're not conscious of and don't control. System 1 operations are fast, effortless...

Attention and Effort

  • Our brain have a very limited attenion buffer. Our System Two can't give more than he has. We need to prioritize it's tasks to make it work efficiently.
  • We will use the minimal effort law, thinking as little as possible, unless we act on it ...

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