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More About Sympathy

The word sympathy, in the 16th century, described a relationship between two things that are related in a certain way, like a doctor giving a discount to frequent patients.

It was an open-ended term encompassing love, woe, sorrow and many emotional experiences..

Sympathy Vs Empathy

Sympathy Vs Empathy

Sympathy is when you feel pity at someone, or are sad due to the hardships of a person. Empathy is when you are able to put yourself into what they are going through.

Example: If someone gets a fracture while bike riding, you feel sympathy for them, but if someone gets a fracture and you also fell from your bike and suffered a fracture a while ago, you feel empathy for them.

More About Empathy

Coined in the 17th century, the word empathy initially began as a German word Einfûhlung, relating to how people derive pleasure from art and nature by finding similarities and injecting their own feelings in it.

Sympathy was a feel with or feeling for emotion, and empathy a feel in emotion.

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