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Chutzpah: The Benefits and Dangers of Shameless Audacity - Effectiviology

Chutzpah: The Benefits and Dangers of Shameless Audacity - Effectiviology

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How to respond to chutzpah

The way to respond to chutzpah depends on who is displaying the chutzpah, toward whom, under what circumstances, and how you view this kind of behaviour. However, keep the following in mind:

  • People might not be aware that they are displaying chutzpah.
  • Don't assume someone acted out of a desire to cause harm when there is a reasonable alternative explanation.
  • Instead of allowing reflex to guide your actions, assess the situation before proceeding.
  • When chutzpah is inappropriate, consider calling the person out, so they are aware of what they're doing.

Examples of chutzpah

A person who displays chutzpah is sometimes referred to as having nerve or having gall.

  • An example of chutzpah is a person who states in an interview that "I don't have any of the necessary qualifications, but you should hire me because I'm smart and will find a way to do the job better than any other."
  • A good example of chutzpah is in the context of language learning. Linguistic chutzpah can help learners act confidently and use the new language they're learning.

Benefits and dangers of chutzpah

Benefits of chutzpah

  • It can push you to take good risks, such as a willingness to step forward in a bold action even though you may not have an idea of how you will pull it off.
  • It can push you to focus on what you need to do where you would otherwise be numb by potential barriers.

Dangers of chutzpah

  • It can cause you to take bad risks or being too pushy.
  • It can cause you to waste resources, such as time and energy, on attempts that are likely to fail.

How to use chutzpah

First, assess the situation.

  • Consider your goals for using chutzpah.
  • Consider the people that you're thinking of using chutzpah toward.
  • Think of the ways in which you can display chutzpah.
  • Weigh the potential benefits and risks of using chutzpah. In a high-risk and low-reward situation, choose an alternative course of action.
  • Consider relevant moral principles to guide your actions.


Chutzpah is the willingness to take risks in a shameless and self-assured manner that could be seen as disrespectful or rude - for example, an entrepreneur calling a CEO of a large company directly, despite no invitation.

Chutzpah can be valuable in some cases if you know how to take advantage of it.

Positive and negative chutzpah

The meaning of chutzpah differs depending on context and degree. In the right circumstances, chutzpah may suggest spirit. In the wrong situation, chutzpah indicates insolence.

A positive aspect of chutzpah revolves around being confident, daring, and brazen. The negative viewpoint of chutzpah revolves around violating norms and overstepping boundaries. But chutzpah can be positive or negative depending on a person's perspective.

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