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Where do Mindsets come from

Where do Mindsets come from

How we interpret whatever we see or experience in the world around and within us is called our mindset. It's a very powerful influencer on what course our life takes.

And some of the factors that affect in a big way the kind of mindset (fixed or growth) we develop are -

  • Being judged and labeled.
  • How are friends, colleagues, and other people in our life usually react to situations or things.
  • How the people we look up to for guidance speak of intelligence, talent, learning, success, & failure.


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Where a person grew up, with whom they grew up, will have a great influence on thier character, the way they speak & how they carry themselves.

At certain age when we attain mental and physical maturity, we realize that some of the things and people we idolize are not exactly w...

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