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5. RPA Developer

5. RPA Developer

  • the development and implementation of Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
  • completed business or computer science degree or training


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How To Give And Receive Constructive Criticism

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Understanding the importance of constructive criticism

How to receive constructive criticism positively

How to use constructive criticism to improve performance

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6. Blockchain Developer

6. Blockchain Developer

  • developers specializing in blockchain technology
  • usually has a degree in computer science, mathematics, or business informatics and ideally has a keen interest in cryptographic processes.

3. RPA Consultant

3. RPA Consultant

  • advising management and specialist departments on the digitization of individual business processes
  • process analysis as well as the modeling of processes of RPA
  • close contact with the specialist department
  • requires a degree or training with an IT background

The Advancement of Technology in the Labor Division

The Advancement of Technology in the Labor Division

The World Economic Forum released a report that gave an estimate of 85 million jobs will be displaced by the year 2025, between humans and machines. However, this is not to scare us.

Thanks to the advances in technology many business processes are able to be conducted with the less margina...

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