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The Changing World of Work - 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs

The Changing World of Work - 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs


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The Changing World of Work - 10 New Digital Transformation Jobs

1. Business Process Manger

  • analyzing and the modeling of business processes
  • digitization of processes and the implementation of artificial intelligence in companies
  • close customer contact and cooperation with different departments
  • usual background is a training or degree with an IT background


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2. Business Development Manager

  • dealing with market developments and customer needs
  • degree in economics or business informatics is therefore often required.
  • in close contact with customers and defines common strategies


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3. AI Developer

  • developers who specialize in AI technologies
  • usually have an IT-related degree or IT specialist training
  • desperately wanted and paid well above average


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3. RPA Consultant

  • advising management and specialist departments on the digitization of individual business processes
  • process analysis as well as the modeling of processes of RPA
  • close contact with the specialist department
  • requires a degree or training with an IT background


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5. RPA Developer

  • the development and implementation of Robotic Process Automation(RPA)
  • completed business or computer science degree or training


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6. Blockchain Developer

  • developers specializing in blockchain technology
  • usually has a degree in computer science, mathematics, or business informatics and ideally has a keen interest in cryptographic processes.


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7. Cloud Engineer

  • demand correspondingly high.
  • evaluation of cloud technologies, the creation of cloud infrastructure, the migration of existing systems to the cloud, and the integration of cloud technologies into the existing IT infrastructure
  • a degree with an IT-related background or a corresponding professional training


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  • support and further develop ERP projects that have to be modernized due to the changed requirements due to digitization
  • long-term customer relationships
  • IT-related training or a degree, a certain amount of perseverance and a competent demeanor are typical requirements


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9. Big Data Analyst

  • analysis of large amounts of data
  • in their daily work, must primarily deal with various data sources and formats, integrate or match them if necessary, and use various analysis methods to uncover causal relationships in the data
  • completed IT-related degree or a corresponding vocational training


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10. Business Intelligence Analyst

  • deal with the development of suitable IT solutions
  • acts as a link between different company areas and coordinates the cooperation
  • usually has a degree in business informatics, mathematics, computer science, or business administration. In addition, z. B. certification via the International Institute of Business Analysis is possible.


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