Zoom Calls Don't Work

A study done by researchers from Carnegie Mellong University found that videoconferencing hampers group collaboration, problem solving, and it can also reduce collective intelligence.

Moreorver, videoconferincing leads to a higher inequality when it comes to contributing to the conversation due to the disruption in vocal synchrony.

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Audio cues are pivotal to task success because we are able to listen fully to one's intonation, rhythm, tone, and many more speech cues that get us talking.

Videoconferencing reduces audio cue synchronicity which actually impairs the group's ability to take turns when speaking. Thus proving that audio calls are better if you want people to talk and be cooperative during your sessions or meetings.

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Speaking up in meetings

Group meetings may feel intimidating. Speaking up in meetings is an opportunity to impact developing ideas, but it can also show up your ignorance in front of a large group.

But there are real advantages to speaking up.

  • You may influence ongoing events.
  • Your comments may prompt new ideas in your colleagues.
  • Speaking up gives other people a chance to get to know how you think.



The Rubik‘s Cube of mealtime

Everyone’s got a theory, a technique, their own special spell to coax ketchup out of the bottle. It's a skill you must master.

Of course, over the past few decades, package designers have given us the plastic squeeze bottles—the condiment world’s version of the automatic transmission or TV remote—to make life easier.

But still, for many, the ketchup bottle remains a Rubik’s Cube of mealtime.

  • Rather than saying "I can’t" or "I’m not able to" when you’re declining a request, focus on the positive
  • Instead try, “Here’s what I can do for you.” That way, you’ve set a boundary with your client or colleague about what you’re not able or willing to do, but you’ve also indicated that you’re willing to find a workable solution.

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