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Wasting Time Creatively

Wasting Time Creatively

  • Successful and innovative companies such as Apple and Google actively encourage their employees to take time-outs during the working day in order to boost creative thinking.
  • Activities like walking and taking short naps actually increases and boosts creativity. Wherein it is an important asset to have in an increasingly competitive workplace.
  • Innovative thinking is needed more than ever, and we can only have it if we allow the conscious mind to find diversion and wander freely from time to time.

Productive Procrastination

Productive Procrastination

"For creativity, what you really need is looser, less focused thinking - and that seems to come with slight engagement in an undemanding task."

This is backed by a brand-new study presented by Jihae Shin and Adam Grant where their results showed that people who took a few short breaks tended to come up with far more creative ideas than low- and high- procrastinators.

Thus strengthening the idea that moderate levels of distraction can unleash innovative thinking.

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