Resilience when feeling stressed

Resilience when feeling stressed

It can be tough to feel in control...feel you can manage your emotions and come out of 'all this' in one piece when life shakes us up.

Getting started & building momentum are sometimes the toughest things to do.

And these 2 steps can give us a huge start to getting back to us up to be in a position to take further steps of shifting our thinking patterns and practicing resilience:

  1. We can handle only that much stress at a time. So, identify & remove things that are adding unnecessary stress.
  2. Do things little things that help us feel recharged and settled.

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Step 1: Remove EXTRA stress

Clear the space to do things to take care of yourself and train your mind to be more resilient.

'Cut back' ...that should be the motto. Take a breather and let yourself settle.

  • Stop saying yes to everything. Start with saying no to the thing with least priority for you.
  • If you’re working late into the night, create a stopping point earlier if possible....every little bit counts.
  • Stop for a while watching or reading things online that really get you angry. Being compassionate is good, but we can't be much help for long feeling burnt out.

Just one thing less can make you breathe easier.

Step 2: Replenish yourself

Do little things that make you feel grounded, settled, and recharged. They will make you strong enough to shift your thought patterns and practice resilience.

  • Get some sunshine.
  • Take a walk out in nature.
  • Slow down...take a bath, have some tea, curl up with your favorite book...just an hour of slow living.
  • Take a nap.
  • Sit quietly and focus on your slow long breaths.
  • Talk it out with someone...or write it down. Seeing our thoughts written down helps create distance & manage them better.

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When Other People Frustrate You

We want people to be less rude, to do certain things, to avoid doing certain things, and to change their lives, eventually feeling frustrated when we realize that we cannot control them and it is impossible to change anyone.

The core error we make all the time is that we want others to be in a certain way, which almost never happens. The other alternative which hardly anyone follows is to let others be whatever they want to be and be at peace even if they are annoying.

When Others Frustrate You - zen habits zen habits

We Prefer Order And Stability

There’s a big part of us that doesn’t like chaos: we want order and simplicity.

  • When we feel overwhelmed, we might beat ourselves up and try to look for a system to get things under control.
  • When plans don’t go how we hoped they would, we feel like we’re on unsteady ground, and we start criticizing ourselves or feeling like we’re doing things wrong.

Relaxing with Chaos - zen habits

Disruption of Progress

Whenever an outside force interrupts our progress - we skip gym for a day or two for example - it sends a message to our brains that we aren't good enough and we can't do it and that we should just give up.

Disruption is the biggest obstacle to overcome but we can always change this habit if we look at it with fresh eyes. Instead of seeing it as a negative event, look at is as a fresh start, like it's something we've never seen before. It would help open our minds to the curiosity and possibilities.

The Magic of a Fresh Start : zen habits

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