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Drink more water

Drink more water

Another simple tiny habit. It's great for your health and you can get it pretty much anywhere. now i wonder, why aren't you already drinking more water? come on, stop reading for a second and do it.


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I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'm a lifestyle coach and fitness trainer, and I also write and take photographs. Check out the link below for more and follow me on twitter!

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Drink More Cold Water

Drinking water may speed up your metabolism for about an hour. This calorie-burning effect may be even greater if you drink cold water, as your body uses energy to heat it.

Drinking water can also help you fill up and help you eat less, especially if you drink it half an ho...

Explaining Life Reviews

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If you've heard the phrase "my life flashed before my eyes", it's pretty self-explanatory what life review means.

For over a century, life reviews were well reported but there aren't much studies about it. There are two theories as to why this happens:

  • The first theory is that...

How to build self-discipline

  • Set big hairy audacious goals. Write down ONE goal you'd like to achieve and why you're committed to achieving it.
  • Build tiny habits. These are behaviours that are easy to do to move you towards your goal—drinking one glass of water—doing one push-...

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