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Discover one new thing a month

Discover one new thing a month

Drop all expectations and just discover something new each month. It could be driving you into a topic you've been curious about.

Either way, discovering something new is exciting. it's also useful because it keeps us curious and slowly expands our skills or knowlegde over time. Do it the way you want. Spend 10 hours on it one Saturday or a few minutes a day for a month. What matters is for you to discover something new.


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I'm passionate about helping people live their best lives. I'm a lifestyle coach & burnout coach.

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Learning a new skill

Learning a new skill

Wanting to learn something new comes from the curious part of us. But then we have to put in the work. Many feel discouraged during this early learning period which may lead to soon giving up.

However, it is possible to learn anything in just 20 hours - by putting in only 45 minutes a da...

Let's discuss the 4 ways of learning new things:

Let's discuss the 4 ways of learning new things:

Learning can be broken down into small-term and long-term learning. Your brain can in any case get advantage from learning new things, learning the small bits of information consistently empower your brain.

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How To Develop A No-Clinging Mind

  1. Notice when you are clinging to something and how it feels, like when you get frustrated, overeat or rush to your favourite distractions like Twitter or Netflix.
  2. Practice a simple daily meditation of 5 to 10 minutes for a month. Check how much you cling to your phone in the middle ...

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