Zazen is not meditation

Zazen is translated as Zen meditation. But the 2 practices are not quite the same:

  • Meditation focuses on the head. It's a mind exercise, struc­tured dualistically, with a sitting body as a container & a meditating mind as the contents: the body sits while the mind does something else.
  • Zazen focuses on a holistic body posture. Not a state of mind. Through correct sitting our mind learns to find its proper place & function within a unified mind-body field: “Just sit with correct posture’’



Zazen Is Not the Same as Meditation


Zazen Steps

Zazen is just sitting with the correct posture. However, there is a sequence to a zazen session:

  • regulating the body (choshin)
  • regulating the breath (chosoku)  
  • regulating the mind (choshin). 

Dogen, the father of zazen, wrote “In our zazen, it is of primary importance to sit in the correct posture. Next, regulate the breath and calm down.”


People think of zazen as a solution to personal sufferings or the cultivation of an indi­vidual. It is not. Zazen is the posture in which a human being does nothing for the sake of a human being, the human being is freed from being a human being and be­comes a Buddha.

When sitting in zazen we unconditionally surrender our human ignorance. In effect we are saying “I will not use these human capacities for my confused, self-centered purposes. By adopting zazen posture, my hands, legs, lips and mind are all sealed. They are just as they are. I can create no karma with any of them.”


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What Is Zen

Zen is not a moral teaching, and as it is without dogma, it does not require one to believe in anything. A true spiritual path does not tell people what to believe in; rather it shows them how to think; or, in the case of Zen - what not to think.

Zen Buddhism, like a taste or a smell, is a practice that needs to be experienced, not a concept to understand.



What is Zen Buddhism?

Commercialization of spirituality

It's best to avoid the commercialization of contemplation if you want an authentic experience of meditation. Meditation has left the ashrams and become a fixture in the boardroom and livings rooms everywhere. Unfortunately, as spiritual practices enter into the wide marketplace of ideas, there is a tendency for them to be degraded and repackaged into self-improvement drivel and self-serving nonsense.


What is the purpose of meditation?

The History Of Zen
  • 1500 years ago, the founding of the the Ch’an (Zen) school
  • 12th century C. E. , the concept arrives in Japan
  • 1, 300 years ago Zen reaches Korea and Vietnam.
  • Late 19th century, it reaches Europe and North America.
Each country has established its own definitions and practices, but all are based on the original ideas of the Ch’an School, which is why the most colloquial term around the world for following a Zen lifestyle is “Zen Buddhism”.


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