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Two classes of Use for that information:


-Support Both action selection and action control.

Convention-baseduseof information.

-Support only action selection.

How Realistic these are?

How Realistic these are?

Hallucinating cannot, by definition, entails the law-based/Convention-based use of information, because "there is nothing real to create that information".

this means...that regardless of how realistic these are, people will not be able to couple their actions to the dynamics of the hallucination.

What is Hallucination?

What is Hallucination?

A perception of having seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled something that wasn't actually there.

Is Hallucination a Perception?

Is Hallucination a Perception?

Importantly, However, hallucinating is not perception.

Perception requires information and by definition, hallucinating is what happens when you have an experience that isn't cause by information.

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