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Learn to Prioritise

Keep a to-do list but highlight 3 things at the top of the list that needs to be done.

Most of the time, we allocate too much time to petty tasks, leading us to be inefficient. So it is better to get the large important tasks out of the way.


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Make three to-do lists

We usually have more tasks on our to-do list than we ever can complete. This causes us to get caught up in a never-ending cycle of doing the easiest and most urgent tasks first and putting off the harder ones that are most important.

Instead of working...

A system for each of your pursuits

Creating a system allows you to allocate a set time to each pursuit as well as other important tasks.

A system helps to batch tasks, consider what needs to be done on priority and what can be done at leisure.

  • Priority List– A todo list, but way better

Time blocks and priority lists complement each other like chicken and my mouth! Just perfect! A to-do list is a very inefficient and ineffective way of scheduling one’s day. You end up putting so much upon that list that...

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