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The Barnum Effect And The Forer Effect

The Barnum effect is also called the Forer effect. Bertram Forer used a fake psychology test on his students then gave them supposedly individualised results a week later. He asked them to rate how well it applied to them. The students rated the accuracy of the statements at an average of 4.3 out of 5.

The problem was that Forer used various bits of copy he had found in a newsstand astrology book for the fake results and that all students received the exact same list of observations.


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Running away from your problems is a race you`ll never win.

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The Barnum Effect is also sometimes called the Forer Effect, after psychologist Bertram Forer.In 1948, he administered a fake psychology test to 39 of his psychology...

The Barnum Effect

Astrology, aura reading, fortune telling, cold calling, and some personality tests all exploit the Barnum Effect: Individuals believe that personality descriptions apply specifically to them but they don't consider that the descriptions actually applies to everyone.

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The most common way astrology is explained in psychological terms is The Barnum Effect, which is a tendency for an individual to believe vague or “barnum” statements when told it applies specifically to themselves or a group they belong to. (I’m such a Libra!)

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