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6.Use Technology:

6.Use Technology:

This sounds contradictory to the point before, but if you think of it, you can use technology to beat technology. 

Sometimes, we wake up feeling off even after plenty of sleep. That is because our REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle has been disrupted. This is the stage where we dream and get the deepest sleep. We are usually in deep sleep for 70–90 minutes. So, it is best to wake up at the beginning of a REM cycle as we are least in deep sleep at this point.


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The Sleep-Wake Cycle

The Sleep-Wake Cycle

The quality of your sleep is determined by a process called the sleep-wake cycle. This cycle is dictated by your circadian rhythm.

There are two important parts of the sleep-wake cycle:

  1. Slow-wave sleep (also known as deep sleep)
  2. REM sleep (REM stands for ...

We Cycle Through Two Distinct Types Of Sleep

We Cycle Through Two Distinct Types Of Sleep

There are two stages of sleep:

  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM): The brain activity is almost identical to when we’re awake. In this stage, we dream.
  • Non Rapid Eye Movement (NREM): A dreamless sleep. During this stage, we’re calm, relaxed and the heart...

REM Sleep

REM Sleep

  • At the end of stage 4, people go back through the stages in reverse, from stage 4 to 3 to 2 to 1. When they reach stage 1, instead of waking up, people go into REM, or rapid eye movement, sleep. A single cycle might look like this: ' 123432REM '
  • REM sleep is a stage of deep sleep in ...

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