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Take Control of Your Mind

Take Control of Your Mind

To take control of your mind do the following:

  • Conquer negative thinking by treating yourself like a friend when negative thoughts come. Be empathetic towards yourself.
  • Challenge your negative thoughts to see if they are a true representation of who you are.
  • Write a brief story about your struggles, then rewrite it from a neutral observer perspective. For example:

Your struggle: I have no money.

From a neutral observation: Everyone struggles with money from time to time.

Find Places of Happiness

Find Places of Happiness

Find places of happiness by:

  • Ensuring you are around a happy community. You can make sure of this by checking those in your community are open, explore beauty, and constantly suggest social opportunities.
  • Finding time to spend with nature. You can do this by going for a walk or simply laying on your back in the garden.

Be Kind to Others

Be Kind to Others

You can be kind to others by:

  • Being generous to those who both need your help and ask for your help. That means spotting areas in your life where you can give to others despite them asking or not.
  • Become a volunteer to help fight for a good cause.
  • Be kind to yourself through frequently planning to give yourself a break from everything.

Find enjoyment at work by:

  • Finding a deeper purpose in all the tasks that you carry out at work. Think about how you add value to others through the work you do, and how that aligns with your fulfillment in life.
  • Use your money to purchase more time. Do this by buying convenience items that can do things quicker (Like a good coffee machine) Or investing in time management services. The more time we have, the happier we feel.

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