Mindful Reading Meditation

Mindful Reading Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation: Before you continued with the blogpost… Look at the picture below, close your eyes for 2-3 minutes . Think of one thing you fear the most. This fear can be about yourself or any form of action you’ve been thinking of taking for sometime. Think of how you can position your mind towards transforming this emotion of fear.


This Life Is Yours



As our body serves as a vehicle that carries the spirit, the body carries emotions as well. Fear is an emotional energy that we can be able to neutralize, transmute and transform. It is an emotion that we can be able to release and let go. One that we cannot surrender to because it is no master we can serve.

Fear as an emotion we bear within out emotional energy, also coexist within our mental energy. The thoughts we internalize into our psyche, transform into emotions we internalize in our hearts. See how your hearts beats when you think about something you are afraid of doing yet want to do with your whole heart? While we cannot totally rid ourselves of the emotion of fear, we can interrogate the root cause of our fear. What triggers the emotion of fear within us ? How do we react and act to the emotion of fear?



Mindful Journey Journal: Interrogating our Fears

Journal Journey Note : The Lovers Card

If there is one thing you have to take note of in your life about yourself is that there is positive and negative side to yourself. There is a receptive and deceptive side to yourself. Thinking negative thoughts is as good as thinking negative thoughts. The emotion of fear is normal and you cannot do away with it. You can release and let go the fear and not allow it to hold you back. You can engage with the emotion and see what it has to offer. There is always something to learn. Even with the fear that you hold within, you can learn about yourself through interrogating the triggers. If your fear is based on what is external to you ask yourself why that has so much control of your internality.

Journal Journey Exercise: take a closer look at the lovers card. Both the male and the female represents you. It represents your feminine and masculine energy, you Ying and Yang, your Positive and Negative. Your low and high vibration. Locate your fear in the card, name your fear, note down what triggers your fear, note that how you will work with your fear for optimum results in your life.



We can indeed transform and transmute the feeling of fear within us. The reason we fear being ourselves most of the times it is because we live our lives based on other people’s expectation of us. Our fears have made us to rob ourselves of the freedom to make the right choices in life and so because of this we are unable to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

How many times have we held ourselves back because we felt our actions will not be well received? How many times have we felt our hearts race tumultuously because when we thought of the things we wanted to achieve we felt a slight nudge telling us to forget about it because we won’t make it? How many times have we denied ourselves the liberty of being true to ourselves? How often have we lived our truth without holding ourselves back?



“On the other side of fear lies freedom.

As we journey on our journey of becoming, we find ourselves constantly drifting away from ourselves. Often this drifting away is caused by the fear that we have internalized in our psyche.


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