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Aloneness Is Good In Small Doses

Social isolation in large doses increases the probability of physical and psychological problems like heart disease or depression.

Short-term aloneness is beneficial and for that, we need to first figure out how our life is going and how can we fit in solitude time in our day.

Being With Yourself

We can make use of a morning ritual where we are alone with a good book, a pen, a journal, just letting the thoughts flow.

We can also try spending a weekend alone, or doing something completely opposite of what we usually do.

Short-Term Solitude

The way to minimize bad decisions, focus on things that matter, think independently, and have a life of freedom is: Sitting in solitude.

Thinking takes time, space and energy and we don’t do ourselves any favours by being constantly distracted or interrupted by the world. If we give ourselves fifteen or more minutes of uninterrupted time to think, we become better at decision making.

Listen To Yourself

By listening to our minds, we can come up with innovative, authentic ideas and judgements that combine the outer world with our inner world.

Just two hours alone in a week with our pen and notebook, and our thoughts flowing will have a substantial impact.

Jesse Livermore

“Keep stress at bay—act in all ways to keep the mind clear and your judgment correct: Going to bed early, eating and drinking lightly, taking exercise, standing upright at the stock ticker, standing while on the telephone, and demanding silence in the office. I spoke to no one on my way to work and kept silent about my stock market actions.”


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