4. You will do less of the things that don’t matter.

4. You will do less of the things that don’t matter.

We spend so much time on so many things that are really just not necessary and often actually quite destructive.

By shifting our focus to a contribution mindset we can quite clearly see

  1. Where we should be spending our time?
  2. What we shouldn’t be doing ? and
  3. What we can cut out of our day, our week, our life ?

Try it now :-

  • Simply look at your to do list
  • See if you are able to delete at least 1 thing that has no contribution to yourself, your business, your family etc.
  • My guess is that you are going to be deleting more than 1 thing.
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Stage 2


3. You will be seen differently.

If your focus is genuinely on contribution, people will notice it

  • People that have a reputation for being a contributor are people that other people want on their teams and are often good leaders.
1. No success or failure when we are Contributing

A focus on contribution cuts through a lot of the noise and busyness.

  • Simply focus on what you can do today, this week, in the next 90 days to contribute in the best way possible to your business, family, community etc that you care about then you cannot fail. You can only contribute.
  • Compare this with over planning, meaningless meetings, pushing agendas etc .
  • This is far more likely to have a positive result.
 Contribution vs Achievements

People are smart. We know how to differentiate the contributors from the takers.

  1. We all want to work with and spend time with contributors
  2. so it just makes sense to increase your own capacity to contribute to areas and people in your life that you care about and want to improve.
  3. When we focus on achievement we more often than not set ourselves up for failure or disappointment regardless of the actual result.
Why focus on Contribution?

It's more effective and healthier

If we shift our focus to contribution a few things happen:

1.We realise that there is no success or failure when we are contributing.

2.Our self talk improves.

3. You will be seen differently.

4. You will do less of the things that don’t matter.

5. You will start to see more opportunity.

5. You will start to see more opportunity.

A focus on contribution is a practical way to shift from scarcity to abundance.

  • Shifting from ‘how can I benefit from this thing’ to ‘how can I use my resources both personal and material to contribute to this thing’ will change your view of the world
  • It also changes how people perceive you.
Two possibilities With Achievements

1: If we set goals and achieve them.

  • This sounds great but in reality feeling of success, achievement or fulfilment is very short lived
  • We have to set the next bigger goal because we may not feel the way that we thought we would when we ‘arrive’.
  • This is not healthy or sensible

2: If we set goals and fail.

  • It will lead to pain, guilt and unhealthy self talk and beliefs
  • Often it occurs due to the reasons that we actually couldn’t even control.
  • We give our own well being over the the fate of a business or financial outcome.
  • This too is not healthy nor is it sensible.

it’s a never ending cycle that will never change unless we take deliberate action.

  • Profit targets, cars, homes, watches, net worth are all strong examples of this and very few of us are ever satisfied for very long in any of these areas.
2. Our self talk improves.

Impostor syndrome is very real. It comes form the belief that we are going to be ‘found out’.

The truth of course is that it’s likely that you are the only one that thinks that.

Maybe you are the only one that is not seeing the value that you bring.

  • If we focus on contribution then we give the self talk a new narrative, a far more positive narrative.
  • It changes because contribution is very easy to see and you can easily see the feedback loops yourself.

These new feedback loops are positive and healthy, impostor syndrome often isn’t.

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