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Digital Wellbeing

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Be mindful - Give your best effort

Be mindful - Give your best effort

  • You have to decide what you want from it, it all start with you so make efforts, know your goals and have a mindset


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Wake up early (at least a little early)

Wake up early (at least a little early)

It doesn't have to be crazy like 4:00am, 7am or 8am it is fine, just the time that you can manage to wake up early every morning, that sunrise with a cup of tea is so peaceful


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How to Create a Mindful Morning Routine

How to Create a Mindful Morning Routine

Get enough quality sleep:

have a night routin so you know when to sleep and what to avoid at night, Clearing your mind before sleep can help you to wake up happily, Comfortable clothes, No work, no gadget and a cup of tea for a peaceful night routine


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Decide on your morning rituals

Decide on your morning rituals

Meditating in the morning, Drink tea (or coffee) mindfully, Keep a journal, Mindful walking or running outside, Do something creative (write, draw, paint, create) and Create something / Passion project


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Studying, mental and physical health, self improvement, etc.....

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