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You can avoid mistakes

You can avoid mistakes

Mentors have probably made plenty of mistakes before they reached their level. So by learning from them, you can have a get out of jail free card and avoid unnecessary mistakes in your own career.

Become independent

Become independent

Instead of offering you a how-to guide or a lesson on how to be successful, mentors will most likely guide you to become independent. By observing them, you can learn how they move, and what they do, to remain relevant in their jobs.

Build up a Network

Build up a Network

By interacting with your mentor, you will also interact with his clients if you work hard enough to deserve it. Your mentor could provide you some minor works you can do by yourself, so you could talk with clients and build a network yourself.

Streamline your learning

Streamline your learning

Since mentors are people further along in their carrier, by seeking their guidance you can streamline your learning process and cut through the initial learning curve.

So you can benefit from their hard-earned knowledge and hit the fast forward button on your own journey.

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