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The 4th principle-Oneness=Truth+Love

The 4th principle-Oneness=Truth+Love

  • The feeling of oneness is just undescriptable. It is a boon to have it. The feeling that you are the ocean and all the oceans is in you and you in all the oceans.
  • You can just try befriending people if you wanna feel oneness. Just greet them daily.
  • I won't say much on this topic.

The 6th principle- Courage = Love+Power

  • You need not feel the fear in representing yourself in your means. Everyone is unique. You have a different way than him. You can befriend, you can reject, you can SPEAK.
  • The power lies within you. Feel it and go. You know what is courage I need not tell you.
  • Why not start 'The Good Morning Initiative' today?

The 2nd principle- Love

The 2nd principle- Love

  1. The principle of love represents kindness-not rudeness-politeness-not cruelty- towards the self and others.
  2. You should have enough love that you can view the situation from other points of view and forgive others and yourself if you have done something wrong or bad.
  3. Love is a verb. It is something you can change. Hence, you cant say , 'I can't love her.' The correct is , 'I don't love her.' It is your will to not love her. (Reference- The 7 habits of effective people by Stephen R. Covey, Chap.1

The 7th principle - Intelligence=Truth+Love+Power

The 7th principle - Intelligence=Truth+Love+Power

  • The person whom you call a man of principles has these principles embedded in his mind, heart, and soul.
  • If you still don't trust this book, try this:
  • Think of your biggest of the biggest regrets and smallest of the smallest regrets there must be 1 principle not present in it, which makes that situation a regret.
  • This was just the half of the book, you can read the other half by buying it. But it didn't fascinate me that much.

The 'man of principles' is the one who is not of the principles but the principles are his.


The 5th principle- Authenticy= Truth+ Power

The 5th principle- Authenticy= Truth+ Power

  • Authenticity refers to be the real YOU. Not someone who the society interprets and manipulates.
  • Remind yourself what you were when you didn't have any facebook, Instagram account. When you didn't have the peer burden on you.

The 1st principle-Truth

  1. You must accept every truth of your life. If someone has rejected you, then accept it. Don't be the 'maliciously self-supporter'. Don't console yourself as 'he/she must be wrong, nothing is bad in me, I AM PERFECT.' No one is perfect. Shut that up. Just accept it and work on it.
  2. TRUTH IS BITTER. VERY BITTER. But all bittergourds have nutrients in them.
  3. You should also say truths not only accept them. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

The 3rd principle- Power

  1. The thing which is required to accept your bitter truths is called POWER. This is the thing which most people lack. They lack the power to accept truths, to be bold. This is what us happening in my case.
  2. I am such person who can't accept if someone says some sh** to me. I don't have the COURAGE (idea no. 6) to say what I think. Then after i read this book, i began an initiative. THE GOOD MORNING INITIATIVE. I'd say good morning to every person I see.
  3. Learn to have the power. THE POWER.

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