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The 4th principle-Oneness=Truth+Love

The 4th principle-Oneness=Truth+Love

  • The feeling of oneness is just undescriptable. It is a boon to have it. The feeling that you are the ocean and all the oceans is in you and you in all the oceans.
  • You can just try befriending people if you wanna feel oneness. Just greet them daily.
  • I won't say much on this topic.


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4. They don’t judge themselves for how they feel

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Instead of dwelling on regrets, focus on self improvement.

Instead of dwelling on regrets, focus on self improvement.

If you try to ignore upsetting feelings like regret, it can diminish your joy or even manifest itself as physical pain. 

Instead, slow down, be aware of the present moment and what sensations you are feeling, and accept how you feel while understanding that this feeling won't last forever.

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