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How men build friendships

For men, friendships are build shoulder to shoulder.

They do that by engaging in activities together like sports, etc.


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Build deeper friendships

  • Evaluate your relationships and find out which friendships need a deeper connection.
  • Make plans that encourage conversation like going to an art exhibit, taking a class, or cooking together.
  • Don't shy away from difficult emotional subjects.
  • Cre...

What‘s the secret

The secret to making friends for men is to arrange engaging activities with other guys you like, over the traditional coffee dates or meeting up for a chat format.

Getting together with other guys alone is not enough but what you do together matters most.

Engage in “Deliberate Rest”

Engage in “Deliberate Rest”

It means engaging with restful activities that are often vigorous and mentally engaging.

Deliberate rest activities help you relax and recharge as they focus on something tangential (or completely unrelated) to your work. Examples: playing chess, painting, editing photos, etc.

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