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1. Use Traffic Analytics

1. Use Traffic Analytics

When you put out content, it is important to identify which ones drive more traffic. By doing this, you can start identifying the niches people like, and what content you should produce more of. 


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FAQs About Foot Traffic

How can I use my website for more foot traffic?

- Consider inviting people to buy online and pick-up the item in-store, provide in-store redeemable coupons, and offering in-store exchanges and returns.

What is the best way to track the success of my campaigns?...

Use Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination

To find inspiration is important to have an active imagination, and that needs to be exercised. Turn on your imagination by doing creative things.

Do things that encourage people to find inspiration through the use of “out of the box” thinking. When you support this kind of th...


Optimize Your Content to Earn a Featured Snippet

  • Pick already high-ranking pages to optimize.
  • Find a question-based keyword & give a clear, concise answer.
  • Use lists & “step-by-step” blog writing formats.
  • Pay careful attention to schema markup.

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