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Finding time to think and plan your life

Finding time to think and plan your life

Thinking-time facilitates thoughtful big-picture solutions. It's also calming and gives us additional control over our life.

  • While walking the dog, on a hike, or while commuting.
  • Waiting for the elevator, at a doctor’s office, in the supermarket line.
  • When bored instead of eating or turning on the TV.
  • Just before going to bed or when you first wake.
  • When you get home from work or on a weekend morning.


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The Psychology of Willpower

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How to strengthen your willpower

How to overcome temptation and distractions

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Incorporate meditation in your life

  • Walking meditation. “We weren’t meant to sit in cubicles all day and when we disconnect from nature, we suffer a lot of stress.”
  • Red light meditation. While stopped at a red light, turn off your radio and focus on deep breaths.
  • Running/cycling meditation....

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