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<1> Make it obvious

<1> Make it obvious

  1. This law mostly touches the cue of your habit, so broadly the cue of your good habit should be more obvious and visible and reduce exposure of the cues of your bad habits from the environment
  2. design your environment in a way that you are close to the cues of good habits i.e. if you want to make book reading a habit then keep your book beside your pillow
  3. Generally the core reason why we procrastinate is because of resistance before action and for example if we plan our habit very precisely the probability of we doing it is very high for example "I will read the book 'Hooked' at 10:00 pm till 11:00pm on my sofa", basically "I will [behavior] at [time] in [location]"
  4. Use habit stacking simply meaning stack up new habits on the top of pre-existing habit i.e After coding in the morning, I will study basically " After [ current habit ], I will [ New Habit ] ", this will pump you up with sufficient dopamine to work on tough task
  5. For the breaking the bad ones simply reduce the exposure to the cues for example don't keep your phone beside your bed rather put it in some place where you don't go in the morning this will cut the habit in the 1st step if you don't see your phone for the 1st couple of hours then you will definitely not use in the 1st half


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  2. When and where are the most important questions for the habit formation. 
  3. I will  ( behaviour ) at ( time ) in ( location ). 
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Self-control is a short-term strategy, not a long-term one

You can break a habit, but you're unlikely to forget it. And that means that simply resisting temptation is an eneffective strategy.

To eliminate a bad habit, reduce exposure to the cue that causes it.

  • Leave the phone in another room.
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<3> Make it easy

<3> Make it easy

  1. The 3rd law governs in making the process or the response to a habit easier to practice
  2. Friction is a really powerful force between you and your habits
  3. So to make good habits a part of your life reduce the friction decrease the number of steps between you and your habit 
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