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How to Become a Creator Rather Than a Consumer | The JotForm Blog

How to Become a Creator Rather Than a Consumer | The JotForm Blog

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You'll have to break the rules

Antony Moore writes that "the rich, wealthy, and successful are the minority. If you want to be in that minority, you need to switch teams and join those with a producer mindset."

Switching from a consumer to a producer can feel daunting, and we can find reasons why we can't start. Start producing, and know that the obstacles are part of the process.

The line between creating and consuming

The line between creating and consuming

Author Junot Díaz captured the line between creating and consuming in his advice to aspiring writers: "Read more than you write, live more than you read."

A writer who never reads probably won't be a great writer. However, there is a point when consumption stops to inspire and becomes problematic. We should also create, not just follow along.

Consume information, then act on it

There's enough content out there to fill our time for the rest of our lives. Spending large amounts of time reading articles or absorbing self-help books feels productive. And it is - up to a point. If you only consume, it's time for a change.

Jack Butcher said in a tweet, "If you have time to consume, you have time to produce." Turn your newly discovered knowledge into action.

Creating means lots of things

When we think of creating, we often search for the most significant examples. Google. The printing press. Nikola Tesla. Our output doesn't have to change the world.

Creating is not limited to building something big. It can be writing a blog post, working on a knitting project, or cooking a meal. Maybe it's improving a skill. Creating is about being active instead of passive. Put things in the world, and see how it changes things for you.

Have goals, not just dreams

The majority of people will rather dream about things instead of strategising how to make them a reality.

Instead of just reading about something that interests you, think about what you like about it and see how you can make it work for you. Create systems to break down large goals into actionable steps. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

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