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3. Make it Simple and SUSTAINABLE

3. Make it Simple and SUSTAINABLE

The key to Sustainability is Simplicity.

Let’s be real, life will hit you with it’s up and downs along the way, and if you’ve made things too difficult and complicated for yourself, it would be much harder for you to carry on in the rough patches.

5. Avoid “Paralysis by Analysis”

5. Avoid “Paralysis by Analysis”

Just seek enough information so you have a solid strategy and then focus all your energy on delivering . Don’t fret if you’re not getting results right away. Things take their time.

Stop analyzing too much. You’ll have more peace of mind and you’ll be able to focus on delivering your best. Don’t buy into negative thoughts and doubts.

BONUS TIP: Create a System and Automate Your Work

Whether you’re seeking consistency in your personal life or professional life, make it a point to set a specific system so that everything clicks, instead of you thinking about the order of thing or the tiny details every time you do something.

Also, look towards automating as many things as you can through apps and online services.

10. Forgive Yourself For Not Being Consistent

Sometimes life can get in the way no matter how hard we try to commit, and that is totally natural. The thing that determines your consistency is Not how perfectly you follow through, but how fast you come back to your commitment if you get off track.

Instead of beating yourself up, accept it and be forgiving towards yourself, and then get back to it!

2. Focus On ONE Main Thing At A Time

2. Focus On ONE Main Thing At A Time

Pick one thing and stick to it until it sticks to you.

If it’s a good habit you want to develop, stick to developing One habit, don’t try to make more habits until the first one has become a part of you.

Anthony Robbins

Most people Overestimate what they can do in a year, and Underestimate what they can do in a decade.


7. Pace Yourself To Avoid Burnouts

7. Pace Yourself To Avoid Burnouts

Work hard, but remember to pace yourself and take some time to breathe, enjoy and relax along the way.

Switch things up a little up to refresh your mind and spirits.


To attain perfection can take a LONG time IF there is such a thing as perfection in the human world.

Things don’t always have to go smoothly and go the way we expect. It’s okay to make mistakes, and it’s not a big deal if we mess things up sometimes.

6. Set Realistic Goals And Expectations

6. Set Realistic Goals And Expectations

Things take time to develop. The success stories we hear of people who blew-up overnight are exceptional cases, not a norm.

Aim the highest, but set realistic goals and expectations.

1. Commit IF You REALLY Want To Do It

1. Commit IF You REALLY Want To Do It

The most important thing before committing to anything is to ask yourself if you really want to do it.

Often people commit to things in the heat of the moment, and their decision to commit is based on the face value of things. They don’t take time to think it through and that is why they don’t realize what it really takes to commit to achieving the results.

9. Learn To Say NO

Learning to say NO is an essential part of being consistent.

Prioritize and don’t let any distractions drag you away from your priority tasks. If you made a commitment to a certain thing, keep it high on your priority list and say No to anything that might get in the way.



Creativity – in the right place – is certainly a must and has its own place.

Don’t waste your creative efforts in petty things especially as you are starting off. Choose flow and efficiency in routine tasks so that you don’t have to waste your mental energy on the small stuff.

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