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What are Learning Nuggets and how you can incorporate them into your learning efforts

Learning should be a lifelong process not limited to pursuing university degrees or obtaining certifications. Many adults are busy with their careers and family obligations and feel they don't have the time to invest in studying a subject they're interested in, but this is simply untrue. Learning doesn't need to be seen as a time-consuming chore or one with a set start and finish. Spending hours intensely studying isn't the only way to increase your knowledge; this is where learning nuggets come into play.

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What Are Learning Nuggets?

Many terms are used when discussing the application of this colloquial term of learning nuggets or golden nuggets. Microlearning, self-paced learning, and even bite-sized learning come to be the closest associations whenever you're looking up this term. Those with an old-school mentality may believe that the only way to learn is to hit the books and hit them hard. However, in our digital age, we have so many more options to increase our knowledge than we did in our parents' generation. So, what exactly are learning nuggets?

Like our beloved chicken nuggets (or vegan ones!) learning nuggets are small pieces of delicious information, often in the modern form factor of short-form content, micro-content, or flashcards, that we can devour and ingest quickly. The only downside is they're not edible! And just like golden nuggets, learning nuggets are incredibly valuable. They'll give you little bits of information, but those little bits of micro-content can quickly add up to quite a lot.

These snack-sized bites of information are typically:

  • Less than five minutes in length
  • Encompass all media types (videos, gamified apps, blogs, podcasts etc.)
  • Easily accessed on a smartphone as they favor mobile or on-the-go learning sessions

Most of the time, nestled neatly inside a learning nugget, you’ll find the so often called golden nugget. Golden nuggets are key takeaways, the main point of a lesson. This food for thought helps learners retain the core idea of a lesson plan and can help them retain an important thought. They are literally the “ah ha” moment when the lightbulb of understanding pops on.

In short, the meaning of learning nuggets is small, easy-to-digest chunks of information that are part of a much bigger topic, concept, or subject. And since these morsels of information are small and free of any lengthy effort to process, it’s highly recommended that you ingest them daily! Learning small chunks of information in your free time encourages continuous learning throughout your lifetime.

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Learning Nuggets enable Microlearning

Learning nuggets, defined as standalone mini learning activities typically under five minutes, serve as the building blocks of microlearning by offering concise, context-specific tasks designed to achieve targeted learning outcomes. These compact educational units, varying in size and scope, are structured to fit neatly into brief learning sessions, making them ideal for efficient knowledge acquisition, whether assessed or unassessed.

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The idea format used by Deepstash is important because it condenses complex concepts and profound thoughts into easy to understand sentences. It makes ideas easier to apply in daily life, helping you to make positive changes and achieve your goals.

Examples of Learning Nuggets

Learning nuggets are the form-factor information is usually found in to enable already established adjacent learning styles, such as microlearning and bite-sized learning. Some like to call them knowledge nuggets or nuggets of wisdom. How you refer to them is unimportant; your focus should be on implementing them into your lifestyle. Here are some examples of learning nuggets across different formats:

Short Content Videos

  • A 2 to 3-minute tutorial video explaining a concept, technique, or idea
  • An animated video summarizing key points on a topic
  • A video quiz asking viewers to test their knowledge


  • Easy-to-read infographics outlining the steps of a problem-solving solution
  • A timeline graphic highlighting important events
  • An infographic presenting data points related to a topic

Podcasts and Blogs

  • No matter their length, podcasts can be listened to in short segments
  • Short blogs, or longer ones, can be consumed in multiple reading sessions


  • Either digital or handheld, flashcards with vocabulary words on one side and definitions on the other
  • Flashcards with a visual image on one side and descriptions

Interactive Simulations

  • Gamified learning apps that allow users to learn from the insights or experience of others and contribute with similar ideas themselves
  • Decision-making games that present learners with scenarios and consequences to test their knowledge of a topic or idea

As you can see, all kinds of learning tools fall under the umbrella of being a learning nugget. The concept is to use short blasts of high-value micro-content focusing on smaller chunks of the overall concept you want to learn more about.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Nuggets?

Learning nuggets are an effective tool for expanding your wisdom and skillset, especially for those interested in continuous learning. Here are just a few of the many benefits of these little nuggets of knowledge.

  • Convenience - There’s no need to spend hours cramming information into your brain. Despite their small size, learning nuggets are packed with easily digestible facts about all kinds of topics, from self development, to business, history, health or even wellness. They fit into a learner’s busy schedule and can accommodate even those with very little free time.
  • Flexibility - Learning nuggets can be accessed anytime and anywhere and from any device. Flexibility is beneficial for learners who have a few minutes to kill, and rather than doomscrolling social media, they take the time to educate themselves.
  • Retention - In today’s world of incredibly limited attention spans, exposure to information in short blasts helps retain a learner's attention. Spaced Repetition and practice also help them retain core concepts more easily.
  • Engagement - Many forms of learning nuggets are entertaining and gamified. Rather than simply reading information and attempting to memorize it, learning nuggets keep learners engaged through popular gamification tropes like badges, achievements, leaderboards, progress bars, experience, levels or challenges.
  • Adaptability - Learning nuggets can be easily adapted to fit different learning styles and needs and can be included in different types of lesson plans.
  • Efficiency - Learning nuggets focus on delivering the most relevant information by ensuring targeted content free of fillers or unnecessary distractions is being assimilated as fast as possible without the fluff of long-form content.

In our fast-paced digital world, these information bites fit in with a versatile approach to learning. By catering to the needs of busy work schedules and limited attention spans, these bite-sized learning sessions are a bit more desirable to those who want to learn but may feel they don’t have the time.

Learning Nuggets, Microlearning, Bite-Sized Learning: Aren’t They the Same Thing?

As William Shakespeare wrote, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word would smell as sweet.” The same can be said for learning nuggets and other types of condensed or short-format learning. The answer to this question is both yes and no. Labels aren’t as important as learning.

While these three learning techniques and tools are similar, each is slightly different, although their names are ultimately interchangeable. While certainly comparable, this isn’t to say that one is better than the other. But for curious types, here’s a look at what each offers.

  • Learning nuggets - Small pieces of information, mainly key insights, with a focus on short-form content.
  • Microlearning - Enabled by learning nuggets, but usually those converge toward a specific learning objective or as a part of a much broader topic.
  • Bite-sized learning - This concept is enabled by learning nuggets, bite-sized learning emphasizes creating a culture of learning and a habit by breaking up larger learning efforts into smaller information units.

Regardless of what you call it, there’s no denying the benefits of breaking down topics, concepts, and ideas into smaller bits of information. Knowledge nuggets curated from books, articles, podcasts, videos, and other inspiring media can be shared amongst other learners, creating a lifelong learning global-based community like you may find on Deepstash, where you can start creating your own golden nuggets of knowledge using our authoring tools. You can start curating what you are already interested in by becoming a curator or you could just explore the ever-increasing 200k+ ideas from the most popular books, articles, podcasts or videos!

Importance of Lifelong Learning and Learning Nuggets

Learning should be a lifelong goal and not limited to pursuing just a formal education. The only thing that stays the same today is that things will change. Keeping our minds engaged in continuous learning benefits us professionally and personally by improving our problem-solving skills. Learning nuggets play a significant role in gaining and retaining knowledge, especially for those of us who may not have been the best students in our earlier lives.

Learning nuggets and other similar learning techniques are an easy and productive way to absorb new information and keep your mind open to new thoughts and ideas. By spending a short amount of time digesting these tasty bite-sized morsels of information, you can increase your knowledge without losing hours of your day studying.

Further Exploration: Learn more about Learning Nuggets and related Concepts

Golden Nuggets, are closely aligned with the concept of Microlearning, as they represent the essence of acquiring knowledge in compact, impactful bursts. These nuggets drive us to simplify and enhance our learning journeys, making the process enjoyable and efficient. Discover our Journey Collections focused on this concept and explore unique curated ideas that embody the power of Learning Nuggets.

  1. The Wisdom of Continuous Learning : Learning nuggets are essential to continuous learning because they provide brief, focused insights that facilitate ongoing education without overwhelming the learner.

  2. Creating A Culture Of Learning: Learning nuggets are foundational in cultivating a culture of learning, as they provide quick, accessible insights that encourage continual education and engagement. Explore curated examples of how learning nuggets from various media have successfully created a learning-centric environment in organizations and educational settings.

  3. DHow To Study Effectively For Exams: Learning nuggets are highly effective for exam preparation as they break down complex information into manageable, easily memorable pieces. This approach allows students to efficiently review and retain key concepts, making it easier to recall information quickly under the pressure of an exam setting.

  4. The Key Benefits of Micro-Learning : These small, standalone units of learning make it easier to absorb and recall information, aligning perfectly with the microlearning approach to education.

Learning Nuggets are a key focus for us at Deepstash, as we deeply believe that self-improvement is achieved through small, incremental steps that lead to substantial growth. Deepstash embraces the concept of Learning Nuggets to its core, ensuring every piece of content is crafted to make every minute and every idea profoundly impactful.

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