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Also known as SWS, Slow-wave sleep is the most restorative one, the deepest layer of sleep without any dreams. In the SWS phase, delta waves are emitted by your brain, and memory consolidation gets activated.

According to a recent study, short naps(30 minutes) do not help much for balancing out sleep deprivation as it does not reach the SWS phase. A longer nap, on the other hand, helps improve mental focus and clarity.

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Investors can never be confident about what the market will do at any time and should not put all their investment eggs in one basket.

Diversification is the idea that a variety of investments will give a higher return while lowering the risk. The best time to practice disciplined investing with a diverse portfolio is before it becomes necessary, not as a knee-jerk reaction.

  • Humans are always drawn to pleasure but it may be a selfish indulgence that does not last. 
  • Truth, rationality and wisdom are the lasting virtues that one should be after.
  • People derive pleasure in millions of different ways, some beyond our understanding.

Example: People who hate sports cannot understand why thousands are cheering in a stadium for a few men who are chasing a ball.

 2020: the year of the quiz

There was the Zoom quiz, of course: a staple of the first lockdown during which many of us combined video-conferencing technology and general knowledge in order to stay both vaguely sane and in touch with our friends. But also, TV quiz shows seem to have colonised greater chunks of the schedules.

There is an obvious practical element to this: the quiz show is filmed in a controlled and contained environment and was, therefore, from a logistical point of view, easier to bring back under pandemic conditions than drama.

The Zen Dilemma of Non Attachment

The Eastern philosophy, which includes Zen, teaches us about desiring nothing and being attached to nothing or no one.

Being unattached to our pleasures, family and the good things in life was easy thousands of years ago, when there were few material possessions for the average person.

The dilemma is that by being actively unattached to anything, the person is attached to the belief and desire for non-attachment.

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