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These ideas are based on Cal Newport’s book on Digital Minimalism. Has digital minimalism changed the way that you interact with technology? Have you noticed any changes in your sleep?

Spending time in well-lit areas during the day is an undervalued method to sleep well at night and feel positive emotions during the day.

Allowing ourselves some time to calm down before bed is important to getting high quality sleep. I outline some reasons why below.

It can be difficult to get good sleep while on the road. Traveling during the holidays can sometimes mean not getting enough sleep and sleeping poorly. Here are some practical tips to maintain high quality sleep during travel.

Choosing romantic partners often involves sorting through several qualities, shared hobbies, and characteristics. Maybe we should also consider sleep/wake schedules when vetting potential romantic partners.

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I am an academic sleep researcher, healthy sleep advocate, and writer. #sleephealth #sleepguide #sleepingtips


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