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Learning Charisma

Learning Charisma


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Learning Charisma

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Charisma Is A Learnable Skill

Charisma is rooted in values and feelings. To persuade others, you must use powerful and reasoned rhetoric, establish personal and moral credibility, and then rouse followers’ emotions and passions.

Charisma is not all innate; it’s a learnable skill or, rather, a set of skills that have been practiced since antiquity.


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  • Charismatic speakers help listeners understand, relate to, and remember a message. A powerful way to do this is by using metaphors, similes, and analogies.
  • Stories and anecdotes also make messages more engaging and help listeners connect with the speaker. Even people who aren’t born raconteurs can employ them in a compelling way.
  • Contrasts are also important because they combine reason and passion; they clarify your position by pitting it against the opposite, often to dramatic effect.


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Engage and Distill

Rhetorical questions might seem overused, but charismatic leaders use them all the time to encourage engagement. Questions can have an obvious answer or pose a puzzle to be answered later.

Three-part lists are another old trick of effective persuasion because they distill any message into key takeaways. Why three? Because most people can remember three things; three is sufficient to provide proof of a pattern, and three gives an impression of completeness.


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  • Expressions of moral conviction and statements that reflect the sentiments of the group—even when the sentiments are negative—establish your credibility by revealing the quality of your character to your listeners and making them identify and align themselves with you.
  • Setting high goals helps charismatic leaders demonstrate passion—and inspire it in their followers—But one must also convey confidence that the goals can be achieved.


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