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The Fight Against Burnout And What You Can Do About It

The Fight Against Burnout And What You Can Do About It


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The Fight Against Burnout And What You Can Do About It

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Get Sufficient Rest

Having an adequate amount of sleep each night is an important part of the process for fighting burnout. There will be numerous of successful people that will tell you that they run on 5 hours of sleep, sometimes even less. However, being able to run on five hours of sleep does not work for everyone.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that everyone from the age of 18-60 needs to have 7 hours of sleep.


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Focus on your long-term career goals

It's okay to be hungry for knowledge and growth, however consistently having an immediate gratification mindset can lead to unnecessary stress. 

Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. Learn to enjoy the process and the day-to dat skills you obtain every day. Small skills gained daily add up and are a vital part of your career growth. 


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Take your vacations

Many of us find it hard to take time away from the office due to the overflowing demands of our jobs but a change of scenery is good every now and then.

It's beneficial to separate yourself from the 'rat race' and vacations help us reset. Putting your self first is important and it can also help us into thinking of fresh ideas that can make us successful in the long run.


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The success list over the to-do list

The tasks in your list are not equal and often we have long-running to-do lists then feel overloaded every day. We should always be mindful to ourselves, burnout and exhaustion aren't things that happen overnight but rather slowly occur over time. 

Instead of a to-do list, make a success list. This list helps hone in on the tasks that will deliver the most significant results.


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