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The Ketogenic Diet

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The Ketogenic Diet

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Build up Intestinal Flora

Medications such as antibiotics, an unhealthy lifestyle, too little exercise, stress and the wrong diet disrupt the habitat in the intestines. The intestinal flora gets into an imbalance and the “good” microorganisms can no longer keep the “bad” ones in check.


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Build up Intestinal Flora

If the intestinal flora is in imbalance, this can have far-reaching consequences in addition to digestive problems:

  • The intestinal barrier becomes permeable (“Leaky Gut”).
  • Our immune system is weakened. Pathogens and foreign substances (antigens) have an easier time.
  • The intestinal nervous system is not properly regulated.


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Build up Intestinal Flora

It is therefore advisable, in the case of disturbed intestinal function, to give one’s own intestinal flora a leg up – this can be done with a healthier diet, more exercise and stress reduction in combination with intestinal rehabilitation using medically selected probiotics. Probiotics (also called microbiotics) usually contain living microorganisms that have health benefits for humans.


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Build up Intestinal Flora

Probably the best known probiotic bacteria are the lactic acid bacteria, such as lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and enterococci. By taking a selected probiotic, you can displace unwanted pathogenic germs, as well as create a balanced environment for the original “good” bacteria through their metabolic products. This in turn protects the intestinal mucosa and prevents the immune system from being weakened. The goal is to restore the balance of the intestinal flora as quickly as possible.


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Build up Intestinal Flora

Many complaints such as obesity, depressive moods and deficiency symptoms very often have their cause in the intestines. However, if you want to rebuild your intestinal flora with an intestinal cure, you should pay attention to the following criteria when choosing a suitable probiotic:


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