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Why the Gut Microbiome Is Crucial for Your Health

Why the Gut Microbiome Is Crucial for Your Health



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Why care your gut bugs?

  • There more microbes in your gut than your cells in your body
  • Various diseases are linked to gut health. 
  • Some of which: irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression and other mental disorders.  
  • Best way to improve your gut health is by addi...

Definition of the gut microbiome

Gut microbiome is a word describing microbes – viruses, bacteria, fungi, archaea etc. – which live in your gut. Usually, gut bacteria are the microbes that mostly affect our wellbeing. (Partly because we have only studied bacteria most thoroughly.)

Fun facts

  • Most microbes in your body live in your intestines, more specifically in the cecum, in the large intestine. 
  • There are about 40 trillion bacteria, compared to your own cell count, 30 trillion. 
  • The total amount of microbes contributes to your body weight about 1–2 kg. 

General functions of microbiome

  • Digest the healthy sugars in breast milk which are essential for normal growth for babies. 
  • Digest dietary fiber, producing short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which positively affect our health. 
  • Controlling immune system, thus possibly enhancing our body's immunity to infection...

Gut dysbiosis

Gut dysbiosis is a term referring to the imbalance between good and bad microbes in our gut.

How they affect our weight?

  • In many studies involving identical twins, we observed that the one with obesity has different gut microbiome than the other with healthy weight. 
  • Consequently, differences between gut microbiome are not genetic.
  • In a mice study, we transferred the microbiome of the obese twi...

Role in heart health

  • In a study of 1500 people, we observed the gut microbiome may have a role in our heart health. 
  • Certain species of microbes contributed to the elevated levels of good cholesterol (HDL) and triglycerides. 
  • Other species of microbes seemed to be unhealthy by producing trimethyl...

Role in blood sugar level

  • The gut microbiome may influence blood sugar level. 
  • In a study of 33 infants with high risk of getting type 1 diabetes, the diversity of infants' microbiome decreased before getting type 1 diabetes. 
  • The number of unhealthy microbes also increased. 
  • People eating the...

Role in brain health

  • The gut microbiome may produce chemicals affecting our brains. 
  • For example, serotonin, a good-feel chemical/neurotransimiter is mostly produced in the gut. 
  • Microbes may help its production. 
  • The gut is connected to the brain through numerous nerves.
  •  The gut...

How to improve your microbiome profile?

Eat a diverse range of plant-based whole foods. 

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