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What is Philosophy?

What is Philosophy?


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What is Philosophy?

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A Complete Guide of Philosophizing

Philosophy is love of wisdom.

Philosophizing is a way to reveal the truth about the various stages of life and everything associated with it and to reveal the fulfillment of the purpose for each stage of the life and to express the way for the realization of these things are in a relevant way, in order to obtain the best compromise of all that we face.


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Through philosophizing should not merely deepening our understanding about something, but that we are more aware about how something can be beneficial to us or not with a certain way peculiar to ourselves personally.

Whether we are using logical thinking, spirituality or any other means to understand something, but eventually, it must guide us to an essential (deeper) understanding about ourselves and place where we live and that can be used by us to make a better adjustment in all that we face. Otherwise maybe it’s just theoretical and meaningless.


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That’s love of wisdom, not just theoretical or an euphoria, but to put us closer to a better life relevantly for us personally. Because philosophizing doesn’t depend on just logical thinking and stop right there.

This understanding about how do we do philosophizing” can be used as a reminder that “love of wisdom” shouldn’t be narrowed to a condition which put us to use rational argument only. It has to do with “to be open minded” and for our better life (not just emotional debate, not giving clear decision for what should we do).


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Essentially, philosophizing should make us know things as it is, and implement it appropriately, gradually, become better and better constantly.

In other words: To Be Open Minded To Know Something As It Is And Act Upon It As It Should Be Relevantly Within Priorities


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