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More Work Hours is Less Effective 🕤

More Work Hours is Less Effective 🕤

There’s the cultural messaging we’ve received our whole lives that putting in more hours and more effort ensures our success, even though discerning what to put your effort into is far more important than blanketing your life in hard work. The stats on overwork also show a huge risk to health.

Study shows us that we don’t change our minds even when given new, factual information that proves our previous beliefs wrong.

Dialing it back is smart for both our productivity and our health, we have trouble giving ourselves permission to do it.


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Then What?

Then What?

We have a choice to continue our old behavior of blowing past our boundaries to parts of our life outside of work.

In those moments Ask yourself "what if I don't do this today?"

You’ll probably be behind tomorrow, ask yourself again: Then what? Keep digging until you get to the core story. It will often be like, “I’ll lose my job and then lose everything.”

And Then Ask yourself: Is it true? In most situations, probably not.

Taking a few minutes to interrupt your automatic thoughts, feelings, and behavior makes it more likely that you can make a change.


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Share with someone you respect

Sharing your goal with someone you perceive as having higher status or you respect, holds you accountable for doing it because you care about their opinion of you.

The person you share your goal with doesn’t have to be within your company. It could be a mentor, friend, or family member who you admire for their ability to do great work while also giving themselves permission to live their life to the fullest.

They might also offer helpful guidance to you about how they gave themselves permission to dial it back that you can then follow.


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Go all-in on what matters

Do a 80/20 analysis and determine what 20% of tasks or projects give you 80% of the results at work. 

  • List your biggest wins at work (the results you’re after, or your top goals) on one side of a piece of paper and the tasks you do on a daily basis on the left. 
  • Draw a line from each of the big wins to the tasks that were most directly responsible for that outcome. Circle the tasks that have lines drawn from them. That’s your 20%.

You can now give time and energy to the things that matter, and you can see the other areas where you can dial it back, delegate, or eliminate things altogether.


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Fast forward ⏩

It's common for people to wish they hadn’t worked so much when they’re on their deathbed.

When you feel stuck in an old pattern and have difficulty changing your behavior, fast-forward and ask your 85-year-old self what they would wish they would have done at the current stage of your life. Doing so allows you to see the bigger picture, rather than the deadlines or stressors that are your immediate focus at that time.

Giving yourself permission to dial it back (even a little) has the potential to drastically improve your results and protect your health.

Work Hard and do work that matters


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