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How To Build Rapport With Freelance Clients: 7 Tips

How To Build Rapport With Freelance Clients: 7 Tips


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Building a close professional relationship with clients can help to pave the road towards a successful freelance career.

Building rapport with your clients can make it easier to work on projects, understand their needs and deliver projects that meet their expectations.

Learn to communicate

  • Learning to write a good email is a basic life skill. How you start your email could determine the kind of relationship you build with your client.
  • Addressing the client by their first name is a good start. It shows respect and friendliness.
  • The way you write proposals and re...

Be reliable

When we need help with something, we often turn to our best friend. And if this friend is reliable, they will always be there. 

Be that friend for your client. When the client asks you to update one of your articles, or fix a bug in your code, do it right away. Show them yo...

Deliver on time

Plan your projects ahead of time and offer realistic schedules.

Don't repeatedly ask for more time to deliver a project. Ensure that you meet the deadlines.

Don't make excuses

Freelancers may want to make excuses when clients give feedback. For example, if a client wants you to change the font you've used in a design, don't try to make defend yourself.

There are ways to accept criticism and explain your creative thinking, but that is done through discussion and u...

Ask for feedback

Keeping a client happy means understanding their expectations.

From time to time, ask how they're doing, if they're satisfied with your work, and if there is anything you can do to improve your work. It shows your willingness to improve and get closer to the client.

Learn from mistakes

You will make mistakes, such as a typo in a product page copy.

Whatever it is, own up to your mistakes and learn from them. If you're unsure how to proceed, ask the client what went wrong or how you can avoid the error in future.

Don't apologise too much

It's fine to apologise occasionally, but if you keep apologising all the time, you will eventually annoy your client. Sorry for the late reply. Sorry, it won't happen again.

If you've made a mistake, try a different approach. "Hi John, I had to see my friend at the hospital yes...

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