The Blowhard Curve: When To Lead Thoughts Or Leave Them. - Deepstash
The Blowhard Curve: When To Lead Thoughts Or Leave Them.

The Blowhard Curve: When To Lead Thoughts Or Leave Them.

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The Blowhard Curve

The Blowhard Curve

Every person possesses a certain amount of wisdom that we can share with ease. However, we share without end and then some more so that even the wisest can sound like a windbag. Therefore, knowing when to pause is a valuable skill.

The Blowhard Curve is plotting the progression of this excessive sharing. 


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The Five Stages of the Blowhard Curve

  1. The cave of near-silent wisdom. People in this section have a wealth of knowledge but mostly keep it to themselves. 
  2. Brilliance hill. Some people speak selectively, but what they say is a revelation. 
  3. Salience summit. The ideal point is where people are masters of knowing when to speak and when to decline speaking opportunities.
  4. The pundit's segment. They accept all invitations and speak about topics outside of their expertise.
  5. Blowhard territory. They believe their wisdom will help them in unknown territory, thereby losing the authority they've built up in their field.


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"I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it." -Frank Howard Clark

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