At First, I Was Obsessed With All The News Coming In - Deepstash
At First, I Was Obsessed With All The News Coming In

At First, I Was Obsessed With All The News Coming In


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At First, I Was Obsessed With All The News Coming In

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Judith Owigar co-founded Akirachix whose vision is to nurture generations of women who use technology to develop solutions for Africa. She also founded the Juakali workforce to address the challenge of growing youth unemployment and improve the livelihoods of skilled manual Labourers in Kenya. An accomplished speaker, she has spoken at the grace hopper celebration of women in computing as well as the global Entrepreneurship summit. She has been recognized with numerous awards and Honours including Anita Borg change agent award in 2012,


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7:30 Wake up

8:00 Go for a run / do a home work out / read a book

9:00 Breakfast and social media

10:00 Shower

10:30 Work/ Calls

13:00 Social media break / have a snack or lunch

14:00 Work / Calls

16:00 Lunch / Dinner / Watch news

18:00 Work or reading

19:00 Downtime

22:00 / 23:00 Sleep


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At first, I was obsessed with all the news coming in but that was making me more anxious and I found it difficult to get anything done. I’m definitely slower when it comes to responding to requests. In the theme of being kind to myself, I don’t beat myself up about it. My target is usually to get one thing done or even started, then to add on it as I go forward. I also check in more (than I would ordinarily) with family and friends in order to give me peace of mind. 


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  • I keep a diary of tasks to be achieved each day. A paper diary — I get great satisfaction from crossing things off my list.
  • All my meetings and calls are put on my online calendar that is linked to my phone, with a 30-minute reminder in case I forgot about the meeting and I need time to prepare or change location.
  • I have different music playlists that I can play depending on my mood.


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There will definitely be more space and appreciation for digital solutions that support remote and flexible working. Hopefully, this will go hand in hand with more sustainable support work benefits, insurance policies, bank solutions, childcare solutions for remote/day workers because that is what the future of work will look like.


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